The new Iguana Commuter delivers an entirely uncompromised boating experience.
The perfect craft for those who wish to enjoy the world’s most exclusive waterfront hotspots
to those who simply need a vessel to get them from A to B regardless of tide times.

The Iguana Commuter is a unique boat, she can navigate smoothly and dryly through choppy waters, and safely and easily embark virtually any terrain. Making her the perfect tender for a super yacht or the ideal support vessel for your waterfront property.

The convertible hard top is a unique feature to the Iguana Commuter. At the touch of a button, the roof transforms from a heightened sun shade to completely sealed water and wind proof helm.

The added feature of a cozy cabin complete with head allows owners and guests to enjoy the Iguana experience for longer.
This private room with electric lock includes a small day bed and ample storage so valuables can be left on board worry free when you disembark at your favourite beach front restaurant.

Designed and built to your standards the Commuter is the most advanced model in the range. Delivering a bespoke smooth and dry and experience.

With the incredible capability to effortlessly reach 40 knots the weatherproof helm ensures passengers are delivered to their destination dry, even in waves of 4 ft.
The Commuter provides the ultimate in freedom and safety.

Begin your journey

Both the Limo and Sport models are loaded with technology including:

This cutting edge new model is packed with features as standard including an adjustable hard top which transforms in seconds from watertight helm to airy sunshade

Driver shock mitigating memory seat allowing drivers to enjoy the ride from any position but easily return to their preferred driving position easily.

Electric ladder which can be controlled on board and using the iPhone remote control for safe and secure passenger boarding

The Iguana Land Drive can tackle virtually any terrain. Meaning you can park right outside your waterfront home, or simply commute without worry of tide times.

The cosy cabin is a revolutionary private space. Complete with head, electric lock and ample storage it provides the perfect rest space and security.

The electric anchor can be deployed at the touch of a button and is fitted with an automatic depth measure to ensure enough rope is always deployed.

• Remote control key with stop start, ladder deployment and lighting control for added safety and security and of course to create a grand sense of arrival.
• iPhone remote for garage placement and land cruise control providing the controller a true 360 view when space may be a little tighter.
• Electric Anchor complete with automatic depth measure to ensure enough rope is always deployed.
• Underwater camera for full visibility when landing
• A cozy cabin complete with head and secure storage
• Automatic navigation lights, headlights located on all legs and on board, perfect for twilight cruising or late night passenger pick ups.
• Integrated windscreen wipers with freshwater windscreen spray and inside demist function to increase drive visibility in even the saltiest of waters.
• GPS with map and drive assist, deep sounder and integrated Iguana sound system
• Key with stop start and ladder deployment for ease of access on land

See the full list of Commuter Standard Features

Choose your commuter

The Iguana Commuter is available in two models, the Limo, an extremely functional and confortable experience with 6 individual shock mitigating seats, and the Sport, with a very social, lounge seat layout.

The Commuter Limo

The ideal support boat for resorts, yachts and waterfront properties. The Limo features six beautifully designed forward facing shock mitigating seats. Providing unrivalled comfort and relaxation even in the choppiest of waters.

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The Commuter Sport

The ideal day boat and perfect for entertaining.  U shape seating can transform from sun bed to forward facing bench seat  while the integrated fridge is ideally located on the side of the front bench seat.

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Finishing touches

Each model is available in the comfortable Classic finish or the elegant Exclusive line.
The Classic combines a chic finesse with robust materials ensuring your boat will stand the test of time without requiring too much love and attention.
The Exclusive allows owners to create a bespoke finish using the finest materials.

About Us

Iguana Yachts are unique boats built in France by a highly experienced team of designers, engineers and craftsmen. Based in the heart of Normandy, Iguana Yachts are inspired by the local heritage creating a solid and tenacious boat that can endure all conditions. Valuable feedback received from owners, captains and engineers provides us the platform to constantly evolve. Elegant styling combined with high performance make the Iguana Commuter the obvious choice for your next boat.

Founded on a quest to satisfy a need

Founder Antoine Brugidou has always understood and valued good hospitality. French born with a desire to provide his guests the ultimate hosting experience he discovered a need for a confortable boat that could deliver guests anywhere, not just to the nearest jetty or marina but a true door to door experience.

There was a genuine gap in the market for a luxury boat fitted with a capable land drive. This boat had to be as able on land as it was at sea and so the research and development began. Creating a true all terrain vehicle needed a new type of landing gear. The patented Iguana Mobility System provides a strong and durable set of tracks which at the touch of a button can be retracted into the boat’s hull, without compromising its excellent hydrodynamic properties. With patents in 8 major economic regions this worldwide protected concept represents a major breakthrough the industry. Iguana Yachts build stunning boats fitted with a unique Land Drive that delivers the lowest ground pressure and the best performance. But the technology isn’t the only thing usual about an Iguana Yacht. Antoine Brugidou has a deft hand for entertaining, and so it was essential the deck layout complimented this. The decks, which are available on all Iguana models, allows for maximum socialisation while also delivering a safe and dry ride.
A successful blend of world first technology and an astute eye for craftsmanship have come together to create the Iguana range as we know it today.


We have a number of boats across the globe available for trials. Contact our dedicated service team to arrange your Iguana experience or learn more.


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